Why do foreigners decide to learn Italian? And why it's so important to learn Italian in Italy?


There are foreign students who want to learn English, those who are fascinated by the French charm, and those who, instead, fall in love with Italian language! Italian as a foreign language is definitely worth the first place for Fairest Languages. 

If you are planning to learn Italian in Italy, discover our amazing learning method! With almost three decades of experience in organizing Italian courses for foreigners in Italy and tutoring students from all over the world, our Italian school for foreigners has come up with some good reasons!

First of all, people who learn Italian in Italy are definitively a different and special category of students. Many of them have professional reasons behind their choice to come to Italy, but we can absolutely define every learner of Italian as more of an enthusiast, in the same way that one might be fully in love with football, art or music!

Foreign Students might decide to learn Italian in Italy for one of these good reasons:

- The Musicality of Italian Language. Being Italian, we are not immediately aware of this fact, but our foreign students have often told us that Italian is a “musical language”. A language that is pleasant to hear! They literally fall in love with the sound of the Italian language!

- Italian Warmth. The family atmosphere is very important in Italy. Thanks to our cozy atmosphere, you will soon realize why we are the best Italian School in Milan, where you can make yourself at home!

- Italian Beauty. Italy is full of beauty: art, history and culture! Adding this to the musicality of the language makes an Italian lesson in Italy a real pleasure! 

- Italian Creativity. Whether it is food, business or other pursuits, Italians are creative. Our Italian teaching staff make your lesson unique and up to all foreigners’ expectations!

- Another good reason to come to Italy and learn Italian is the letter from Japan we received yesterday by our student Namica Ebisu, a young and brilliant photographer and sculptor.


Learning Italian in Italy can help you in realizing yourself and your dreams!


learn Italian in italy2"Buongiorno!

Sono Namica. Nel febbraio scorso ho fatto lezioni al centro, soprattutto avevo imparato da Giusi e Lorenza.
Come state? Vorrei farvi sapere una buona notizia!

Una mia opera d'arte che ho cominciato creare a Milano ha dato un premio.
Questa opera ha il titolo "VIA PONTE VETERO21" giusto!
Siccome ho premiato, parteciperò alla mostra grande, il nome di "Asia creative art exhibition" a "the national art center Tokyo" nel gennaio prossimo.

Dopo il ritorno da Milano a Tokyo, qualunque faccio creare con una inspirazione di Milano.  Però mi manca Milano.. voglio tornare subito.

Spero che stiate bene e ci vediamo a presto!"





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