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Free Activities organized by our Italian School in Milan - Team up with us!


Every month Il Centro-Italian School for Foreigners in Milan organizes free activities for its  students, as opportunities to improve their knowledge of culture and Italian language while having fun!

APERITIFS: occasions to speak in Italian that became a meeting point for all the students and teachers of different classes to get know each other better.

ITALIAN COOKING LESSONS: the most entertaining activity! We cook and eat together the tipical dishes of the Italian cousine.

GUIDED VISITS: long touristic walks and less known itineraries to discover the charming Milan and the extraordinary Italian culture.

ACTIVITY ON ITALIAN MUSIC: to get familiar with the Italian pop music.

FILM SCREENINGS: Italy through the stories of the famous directors, connecting listening and comprihension. At the end we offer and aperitif and a discussion.

TREASURE HUNTS: a team game, a great opporunity to speak with the locals of the Brera district.

QUIZ ON ITALIAN CULTURE AND ACTUALITY: a classic game to dicover the culture and history of Italy.

PHONETICS LESSON: to improve pronunciation, avoiding common mistakes.

LESSONS ON VOCABULARY: to dicover common sayings and special Italian expressions.

SPECIAL LESSONS ON GRAMMAR: focusing on the most difficult grammatical topics, offering the possibility to exercise through practise and targeted materials.


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