Die Sprachstufen

Il Centro bietet ausgehend von der elementaren Sprachverwendung in seinem Unterricht alle Sprachstufen an, wie sie vom "Gemeinsamen Europäische Referenzrahmen für Sprache" (CEFR) festgelegt worden sind (siehe auch: Wikipedia - Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen).
Auf unserer italienischen Homepage kann man sehen welche CEFR-Stufen denen der Schule entsprechen: A1 zum Beispiel Elementare1 ("Elementare Sprachverwendung") A2 dann Elementare2 und so weiter bis C1 als Avanzato2 ("Kompetente Sprachverwendung").

Um von einer Sprachstufe zu einer anderen zu wechseln, braucht man 40 Unterrichtsstunden. Die Zeiten, um eine Sprache zu lernen, sind jedoch von Person zu Person verschieden. Der Lernverlauf ist nie linear, er bewegt sich oft in Sprüngen. Um die vom CEFR festgelegten Sprachstufen zu erreichen, sind häufig mehr Stunden nötig als gefordert. Immerhin geht es um einen "Reifeprozess", der seine ganz individuellen Zeiten benötigt.


Elementary 1 CEF
Level 1

You're an absolute beginner. Maybe you know some "international words"  (pizza, bravo, piano, etc.) but you are not able to build sentences.

  Level 1/2

You can ask and answer simple questions in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics. You can use simple phrases and sentences in present tense. You can probably understand phrases like: "Do you understand?", "When do you come to Italy?" Or "How long have you been studying Italian?".

 Elementary 2
Level 2

You manage to give simple information about yourself, order at a restaurant or handle everyday situations. You know the difference between presente and passato prossimo and you've just discovered that there is another past: imperfetto(ero,avevo,c'era).

Level 2/3

You manage to give information when somebody asks you. You can describe something that happened with difficulty. You are often forced to simplify what you are trying to say. You know the three basic indicative tenses (presentepassato prossimoimperfetto). You have already met the condizionale.

Intermediate 1 CEF
Level 3

You understand when someone talks to you directly and you can handle a conversation on familiar topics and activities. You know the condizionale.

Level 3/4

You can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the language is spoken. You can express your ideas, dreams, hopes and opinions, but you are often forced to simplify them and sometimes you have the impression that the other person does not understand perfectly. You know and use properly the indicativeconditional and you've already met the congiuntivo.

Intermediate 2 CEF
Level 4

You can understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar matters regulary encountered in work, school, etc. You  can also understand many radio or TV programmes. You still have some difficulties to make yourself understood in situations less frequent or emotionally difficult.

Level 4/5

You can express yourself without difficulty. You can interact with a degreeof fluency and spontaneity that akes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible. You know and use properly the indicativo, condizionale and congiuntivo.

Advanced 1 CEF
Level 5

You still have some difficulty in situations that require a more formal language, in situations emotionally important, when you need to defend your point of view, to support your ideas and expose your disappointment or disagreement and finallly in situations where you need to speak a specific Italian language, non-standard, at work, in public offices and lawyers, etc.

Level 5/6

You understand and express yourself without difficulty, but you still have some problem in emotionally important situations, where you need to defend your point of view, to support your positions and ideas and express your disappointment or disagreement and finally in situations where you need a specific Italian Language , non-standard, as in certain work situations, in public offices and lawyers, etc.

Advanced 2 CEF
Level 6

The only difficulty that you still encounter in Italian concerns communication in situations where people speak a particular Italian, non-standard, as in certain situations at work, in public offices and lawyers, etc. Concerning the written communication, you are able to write clear, smoothly-flowing text in an appropriate style,with an effective logical stucture.




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