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In compliance with the new legislation to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

all our courses are back ONLINE:





Our Italian School in Milan has developed new ONLINE Italian courses to provide people all over the world a simple and effective way to learn Italian with real professional teachers! Don't worry it's always US: same teachers , trusted methodology, high professionality and as usual IL CENTRO quality guarantee.😊


Why choose our ONLINE Italian courses?

- They're flexible

- Available for all language levels, for groups or individuals

- Designed to meet several needs of our students

- Free trial lessons for online group courses

- Our staff is highly qualified and will teach you our language with passion.


We use Zoom for our online group lessons. It is a very solid platform, designed to launch video conferences and webinars. Simple and practical.

Sign up for our Italian courses, you don't need to register or create a profile on the platform, so it's really very simple!

The teacher of your group course will send you an invitation via email: you will then join the virtual class together with the other students!


Take a look at our most popular Italian classes online and realize that we offer you the best solution to become fluent in Italian without even stepping foot in Italy!



Italian language never gives up!

We are waiting for you ONLINE!



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