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Our Business Italian Courses for Companies in Milan are aimed at professionals, managers, technicians and all others who need to use Italian for their work and brush up on their technical terms. These courses are organized around the student's availability, with a choice of intensive courses or lessons spread over time. Lessons are held either at our Italian School in Milan or at your office.


60 hours of individual italian lessons allow the beginner student to communicate on an everyday level.

120 hours of lessons provide the student with a good command of the language also specific forhis or her working environment.



THE BIG PICTURE: The goal of our Italian Courses for companies organized by our Italian Language School for Foreigners in Milan is to give foreigners working in a corporate context the chance to develop or reinforce their ability to use the Italian language, both as a fundamental tool for work and as an indispensable means of communicating and socializing.

SETTING THE STAGE: This is the first step toward understanding the precise needs of the company and the individual students. An initial meeting with a company representative serves to define the business (linguistic and sectorial needs). A second meeting with the each student evaluates his or her level and establishes the italian programme for the course.

GETTING INTO FOCUS: Once the student's actual needs are defined, the structure and scheduling of the italian course can be decided. We offer a free test to determine a student's level and to get a clear idea of his or her precise needs. It can be taken at whatever time is convenient for the student. After this first meeting, we will be pleased to offer you a trial lesson free of charge. This way you can evaluate how we teach Italian  and above all, how we teach it to prepare people for working in Italy.


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