Italian Evening Courses in Milan

Evening Italian language courses in Milan for people who work or study during the day. Our Italian evening classes run throughout the year (2 or 3 times a week), except for July and August. Classes are usually made of an average of 6-7 students (max 10). The timetable is the following:



These Italian courses are less intensive (1.5 hour lessons, twice a week) than standard courses, but run for a longer period (10 weeks). This makes it a good choice for students who are busy during the day.

Our Italian evening programs answer the needs common to working foreigners in Italy, such as improvement in written expression and formal spoken Italian. Self-taught students have a chance to lose habitual mistakes by analyzing and mastering grammatical structures.

The more advanced levels are ideal for those who already know Italian well and wish to broaden their vocabulary and command of idiomatic expressions and cultural references.



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