Learn Italian in Italy

 learn Italian in Italy

 Why foreigners decide to learn Italian in Italy?


And why it's so important to study Italian? There are foreigners who want to learn English, those who are fascinated by the French charm, and those who, instead, fall in love with Italian language!

Italian as a foreign language is certainly worth the first place for Fairest Languages. First of all, people who study Italian in Italy are definitively a different and special category of students. Many of them have professional reasons behind their choice to come to Italy, but we can absolutely define every learner of Italian as more of an enthusiast, in the same way that one might be fully in love with football, art or music!

Foreign Students might decide to study Italian in Italy for one of these good reasons: the musicality of Italian Language, Italian Warmth, Italian Beauty and Italian creativity.

If you are planning to learn Italian in Italy at our Italian School, you might appreciate:

- our flexible, modern and communicative Italian teaching method with a humanistic approach;

- our cozy atmosphere;

- our high-qualified and motivated Italian teaching staff;

- Italian small groups from different countries (6-8, a maximum of 10 people per class);

- smart prices for every type of Italian language course.

Through enrolling in our intensive Italian courses, you will enjoy a rich and diverse program: classes up to four hours in the morning, also possibly followed by an individual lesson. 

Additionally, the school offers free social activities at least once weekly including tours, aperitifs, cinema trips and visits to seasonal events where students can practice their Italian whilst discovering all that Milan has to offer.

Learning Italian in Italy  can help you in realizing yourself and your dreams!


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