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Hello, I am Matteo, one of Il Centro’s teachers and I am here to explain how my colleagues and I carry out our lessons via video conference. For more than 30 years our school has created a lot of didactic material for you and today, thanks to Zoom, we can also use these online in order to have fun, efficient, and lively lessons just like in the classroom.

When you enter the video lesson, you’ll find a teacher and your classmates ready to start learning Italian with you: we use the Premium version of Zoom, so you can see and hear all of us perfectly.


una lezione in videoconferenza

When explaining something, the teacher can show an interactive whiteboard that helps you understand everything through texts, drawings, or images. You also have the ability to write from your computer or cell phone.


italiano su zoom

Just like in the classroom, our school uses a lot of audio and video pieces so that you can practice comprehension, writing, and speaking, not to mention getting to know the culture, vocabulary, and grammar. Thanks to Zoom you can hear and see everything directly from your teacher’s computer.


lezioni di italiano on line

Together we do fun activities that are essential for learning Italian: linguistic games, quizzes, grammar and vocabulary exercises. During these activities students interact with each other, discuss linguistic problems, and decide the correct answers together. Our video lessons are nothing like boring conference calls where all you need to do is listen without being able to talk to the others. 😊


impara l'italiano con zoom 

During the lessons you’ll often work in pairs with a classmate or in small groups - just like in the classroom. For example, we implement pair and group work when we have conversation lessons, when we write texts together, or when comparing listening and reading comprehension with classmates!



 But how is it possible to do all this in a video conference?


Your teachers can create separate classrooms for you and your classmates where you can work in pairs or small groups without being disturbed by the others for the time needed to complete the assignment.

If you need the teacher, all you have to do is call them and they’ll be there within seconds! Your teacher will send you all course material via email, including: texts you’ll use during the lesson, grammar sheets, and exercises to practice between lessons

A lot of students have already decided not to give up on their Italian course and attended our video lessons.

Would you like to give it a try? If so, we’re eagerly waiting for you in our (virtual) class!

If you have questions or doubts, please feel free to call or write us!


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