Adopt a tree: the Biorfarm project 

Local, Healthy, Sustainable: these are the key concepts that emerge more and more in our everyday conversations. The need for a return to nature, of traditional and non-homologated flavors keeps getting stronger and stronger in our daily actions. Il Centro has decided to take action by forming a partnership with Biorfarm.

What is Biorfarm?

Biorfarm is the first digital farming community that was brought to life by a simple but revolutionary idea: connecting the consumer with local farmers. By adopting a fruit tree from an Italian organic farmer, you can follow the cultivation through photos and videos shared on the platform and receive fresh organic fruit at home within 48 hours from the harvest.


Our field

The field created by our school absorbs over 1,400 kg of CO2 annually! Thanks to our adoptions we support small Italian farmers!

Would you like to adopt or gift a tree?

Il Centro reserved you a 15% discount; using the coupon code ILCENTROMILANO on the website you can adopt or gift an organic fruit tree; you will also support Italian farmers, discover a unique taste and help our planet thanks to the CO2 absorbed by your tree!


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