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Italian Language Academic Credits from your University

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Did you know that by enrolling in our school and attending our courses in Milan, you can earn important Academic Italian Language Academic Credits for your University studies?

How to Earn Italian Language Academic Credits

Here’s how to Get Started! Enroll in our Italian Courses of 2 or 4 lessons a day!


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Study Italian Abroad – Our Italian Language Courses

We offer a wide range of Italian language courses tailored to various needs and schedules. Our options include standard, intensive, individual, combined, and evening classes, as well as specialized courses such as business Italian, weekend courses, and cultural integration programs. We also provide online classes for flexible learning. Our experienced teachers utilize a communicative method with a humanistic approach to ensure effective language acquisition. For detailed information about course descriptions, schedules, and pricing click here: you will find detailed information about the different Italian language courses we offer, including descriptions, schedules, and pricing. Our courses od 2 or 4 hours a day will give you the opportunity to gain Italian Language Academic Credits

Discover more about our Italian language school, its mission, and the dedicated teachers who will guide you through your learning journey. At our school, our mission is to offer high-quality, immersive Italian language education that fosters both linguistic and cultural understanding. Our team of experienced and passionate teachers is committed to providing personalized and effective instruction, ensuring that each student achieves their language goals. Learn about our teaching methods, school history, and the unique qualities that make our school a vibrant learning community. Our didactic material has been modeled over more than  37 years of teaching the Italian language to foreigners in Milan: It is regularly updated and renewed always to guarantee a modern and practical approach.

Listen to testimonials from other students who have successfully earned Italian Language Academic Credits through our Italian courses. Find out why we are the best Italian School for Foreigners in Milan! Don’t forget that our Italian courses meet all your needs and provide maximum teaching and learning quality and unbeatable time flexibility.

Need a Student Visa? We can help you! Need a Student Visa? At our Italian language school for Foreigners in Milan we understand that obtaining a student visa can be a complex process. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you every step of the way, providing guidance on the necessary documentation and procedures to ensure a smooth application process. We aim to make your transition to studying in Italy as seamless as possible. For more detailed information on how we can assist with your student visa, visit our website: Scuola di Italiano per Stranieri.

Our Italian Learning Method is designed to ensure effective language acquisition through a communicative approach combined with a humanistic perspective. This means we focus on real-life communication and practical usage of the Italian language while considering the individual needs and learning styles of each student. Our experienced teachers create a dynamic and interactive classroom environment, promoting active participation and cultural immersion. To learn more about our unique teaching methods and how they can benefit your language learning journey click here.

Every month, you will find our upcoming Italian courses listed here. We regularly update our schedule to include a variety of courses tailored to different proficiency levels and learning preferences. Stay informed about new class start dates, course durations, and special programs designed to enhance your language skills! This will help you to organize everything as well as possible before starting the whole procedures to earn your Italian language academic credits!

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