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Our Italian Staff

All our native Italian Staff has been teaching at ouItalian Language School for Foreigners in Milan for many years, constantly adapting and improving their teaching methods.

Their combined experience of language pedagogy / language teaching with the understanding of the cultural differences between various countries allow them to improve the quality of learning in classes with students with different backgrounds.

The collaboration with “Il Centro” didactic helps them keeping updated with new teaching technics and expandnig the Italian Language school’s original teaching materials.

Our native Italian teachers at il centro Milan

Our Native Italian Teachers

our italian teacher Matteo


“I enjoy working with videos and, in particular, with films…”

our italian staff


“Everyday I’m re-inspired when I look into the eyes of my students…”

italian teacher in MILAN


“Language schools have always been a special place for me…”

learn italian with us


“I think working in a group is the funniest and way to learn a language…”

learning italian with our teaching staff


“My lessons will be a dip into the paces, flavours and language of Italy…”

italian mother tongue instructors


“Learning a language: a trip through the eyes and in the shoes of another person…”

study italian with our italian mother tongue instructors


“Being with the students is a huge pleasure, we all learn new things…”

our italian instructors: cristina


“Everything is language: a magnificent multi-sensory journey.”

italian staff in Milan


“Teaching Italian is an extraordinary form of communications: effective and creative!”

marta italian teacher


I really wanted to help other people love our language and culture !”

Our Italian Staff


“Teaching Italian to foreigners is a bit like traveling around the world!”

Our Italian Staff in Milan


“I love Italian and I love seeing the world through the eyes of my students!”

our italian teachers in Milan


“What’s the best way to learn Italian? Learn and have fun together! Join us in Milan!”

alessia tanara


“With my students I continue my journey of years ago as a foreign student .”

learn italian with us


“The classroom is transformed into a stage, instead of plays we act out real-life moments …”

Teaching Italian is like opening a window to a new world,


“Teaching Italian is like opening a window to a new world, where words become bridges connecting cultures and feelings!”

learning italian at foreigners


Every lesson becomes an exciting journey through the beauty of the language and the richness of our culture!”

Italian, passion and feeling: the winning mix of my lessons


“Italian, passion and feeling: the winning mix of my lessons!”

The combined experience of our Italian staff for language pedagogy / language teaching with understanding the cultural differences between various countries give them the skills to manage classes with students from different backgrounds.

Their work with the didactic director helps continously update and expand the Italian Language school’s original teaching materials.

Our Italian staff is made up of experienced and highly competent native speaker Italian teachers who constantly stay up-to-date with new and innovative teaching methods.

Our Italian teachers usually test all new authentic materials before using them with students during our Italian language lessons.

Our Italian School for Foreigners  also offers Italian Teacher Training Workshops organised and run by Matteo Broggini, our Director of Studies.

Click here or more information about Italian Workshops in Milan and online.

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