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Learn Italian in Milan

Student visa for Italy

student visa for Italy

Need a Student Visa? We can help you! If you want to study Italian Language in Italy, but you are not an European citizen you may need an Italian Student Visa if you’d liket to stay more than 3 months in our country.

student vids info

To apply for the student visa you have to enrol to a course at least 20 lessons a week. This means attending a course 4 lessons a day, 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday. Our Intensive courses that fit the requiremenrs cost 740 € for 4 weeks., but we offer a discount to our long-term students.

According to that the course fee for 6 months would be 3000 €, for 12 months 4950€. Our prices include the registration fee, all didactic material used during the course, as well as extra-curricular activities (guided visits, workshop on phonetics, cooking lessons, ect…) held once a week.

Once the whole amount of the course fee is balanced, we provide you all the documentation needed from our part to apply for the visa. Such as:

  • Invoice
  • Enrolment certificate
  • Acknowledgements of the Italian Ministry of Education
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Chamber of Commerce company registration

Beside these documentations, you have to demonstrate the following at the Italian Embassy/ Consulate of your country:

  • Valid Passport
  • Health Insurance for the whole period of your stay, valid for Italy
  • Accomodation (either in a form of an invitation from your host family, or we can provide you a certificate of lodging)
  • Economic cover for the whole period of your stay (1000 € / month)
  • Confirmed flight reservation
  • A2 level of Italian language knowledge 

Our school will help beginners asking for a student visa in reaching A2 level thanks to our online courses (before their application).

Visa application process can vary from country to country, for further informarion please inquire the reception and the local Italian Embassy/Consulate.

You are going to study in Italy for less than three months. In this case you don’t need an Italian student visa as you can enter Italy as a tourist. (ATTENTION: citizens of Belarus, Bosnia- Herzegovina, China, Colombia, North Macedonia, Georgia, Morocco, Peru, Serbia and Montenegro, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine all must obtain a tourist visa).

You are going to study in Italy for more than three months. In this case you must request a student visa at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country. Go ahead reading to check all the documentation you may need.

welcome to italy for learning italian

Welcome to Italy!

Once you arrive in Italy, you need to go the nearest post office and fill in the postal kit for the residency permit withing 8 days of your arrival.

In case the visa application is refused, we provide a full refund except for a 250 € of administrative fee once we receive the original visa refusal letter issued by the Italian embassy/consulate.

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