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Study Italian in Italy

Useful info for your Italian course in Milan

useful information for your italian courses in Italy

Our Italian school in the very heart of Milan is welcoming and informal, helping you to focus on the humanistic element of the learning process. We place huge value on the identity and personality of the individual student as well as the relationship with the teacher and the rest of the class.

Our Italian staff  are friendly and happy to assist you in every way and with very special personal care, from the moment you enquire about your Italian language courses , until after you have finished your classes. Personalized and ongoing tutoring fosters a love of learning of the language as well as Italian culture.

Students wishing to apply for a student visa must enroll in a GM80 intensive course. Our staff will assist you in the process of applying and filling in documents for permit of stay (permesso di soggiorno) procedures.

All Intensive Italian Language Courses  give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Italian language. Designed for foreigners who need to learn Italian in a short time and have very few opportunities to practice our language in their daily lives

Our school will help beginners asking for a student visa in reaching A2 level thanks to our online courses (before their application)

A Lodging service is offered by our Italian School. We get in touch owners and students and look for them accommodations through a selection of apartments in Milan, well-connected to the  Metro and the public transports network and no more than 30 minutes away from the school. The fee is to be paid directly to the owner within 3 days of arriving in Milan.

Our Italian school’s policy prefers test your level of Italian before starting your Italian Course, either online or in person at least one day in advance of the course start date. This way you won’t waste time the first day and can start improving your Italian immediately!

Our Italian School for Foreigners is staffed by highly qualified native speaker tutors. About our Italian learning method, our lessons in Milan are conducted using the communicative method with a humanistic approach and utilizing materials developed by the school staff.!

Our Italian Language School of Milan is a recognized center for PLIDA certification exams
 (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri). The PLIDA exams can certify your competence in Italian as a foreign language and test your ability to use the language at different levels of complexity, from level A1 to level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.

On the first day of your Italian Course you will get useful information about the school, our Italian staff and school organization, information about Milan and the programme of our school activities.

CODICE FISCALE. We may assist you and give you information on the Codice Fiscale: how to get it and where. Codice Fiscale is a tax identification and it’s necessary for all situations in which taxes must be paid to the Italian Government, for example if you intend to study at an Italian University or rent an apartment, buy a car, open a bank account.

BANK ACCOUNT. If you need to open a bank account during your stay in Italy we will be happy to help you and suggest the best available options.

Free Internet is available throughout the schools for our students.

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