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Italian learning method

Italian learning method

Our Italian language school for foreigners is staffed by highly qualified native speaker tutors. About our Italian learning method, our lessons in Milan are conducted using the communicative method with a humanistic approach and utilizing materials developed by the school staff.

Italian learning method is very important in choosing your language school

The teaching method is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a language school. A good teaching method will help you learn the language more effectively and efficiently.

WIth our didactic italian method you’ll be presented with a situation from daily life through the use of authentic italian didactic materials. That situation is then analyzed in terms of grammar and of linguistic functions it raises.

Our Italian lessons are also supported by learning activities such as games, role-playing and wild range of audios and videos.

Italian learning method is very important in choosing your language school

A dynamic method to learn Italian

Learning Italian in Milan with a proved methodology and professional Italian teachers

Constant research into new teaching methods and staff training allows our Italian language school to produce relevant materials that satisfy the changing demands of students learning Italian language. Our Italian Courses in Milan are limited to either nine or ten students.  You’ll learn Italian with highly professional Italian teachers specialized in the best teaching and language approach methodologies.

Our Italian Language Courses

Certify your Italian skills

Our Italian Language School of Milan is a recognized center for PLIDA certification exams (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri). The PLIDA exams can certify your competence in Italian as a foreign language and test your ability to use the language at different levels of complexity, from level A1 to level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.

authorized center of exam for Italian certification

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