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Study Italian Abroad in Milan

Study Italian Abroad in Milan

Italianforawhile and Il Centro: a unique collaboration

Wish an unforgettable educational experience in Italy? Our Italian school, in collaboration with Italianforawhile, offers you the opportunity to learn in Milan, immersing yourself fully in Italian culture and enhancing your language skills.

This article will explore the great opportunities this partnership brings to international students eager to become “Italian for a while” and Study Italian Abroad in Milan!

Milan is the pulsating heart of innovation and culture in Italy. With its prestigious universities, world-renowned fashion events, and rich artistic calendar, Milan offers a stimulating and cosmopolitan environment, ideal for foreign students who wish both to Study Italian Abroad and to have a comprehensive and engaging educational experience. Studying in Milan with Il Centro and Italianforawhile means accessing high-quality education and an exceptional city life.

Our Italian school for foreigners in Milan, known for its high-level educational programs, joins forces with Italianforawhile to offer study Italian abroad experiences that are more than just language courses. Our partnership allows students to immerse themselves in Italian culture through a blend of Italian lessons, cultural activities, and daily interactions. Whether you’re interested in art, fashion, or gastronomy, Milan is the place where your interests will turn into real passion!

The Italianforawhile community is the first online space dedicated exclusively to Italy, its culture and its traditional cuisine. Joining the community means gaining access to exclusive guides, language tips, and firsthand accounts from students who are already experiencing Italy. It’s the ideal place to prepare thoroughly before departure and to continue receiving support once you arrive in Italy.

We not only prepares students before their departure but also continues to offer support after their arrival in Italy. From the moment you set foot in Milan, you will be supported every step of your educational and cultural journey, ensuring a stress-free and enriching experience.

The Italian language courses offered by our school cater to various needs, from standard group classes to individual and intensive courses. The school also provides specialized courses in business Italian, and preparation for university studies in Italy. Additionally, online courses are available. The courses are designed to fit different schedules and are conducted in a comfortable setting with small class sizes. For more details, you can visit us or contact us!

“I think that combined these two programs you learn a lot. You’re immersed with the culture and learn about what the best ways to learn Italian would be! So, I think so far it’s been a really good experience!” – Seth M.

Both at Italianforawhile and at our Italian School for Foreigners, our core beliefs center around the strong power of cultural immersion and lifelong learning. Here are the main goals that guide our efforts:

Cultural Immersion as Education

We believe that the richest learning experiences come from beyond the traditional classroom walls. Immersing in Italy’s vibrant culture—its art, history, and daily life—helps students gain profound insights and a deeper understanding of the world.

Personal Grow

Each student’s journey in Milan is a personal evolution. Living and studying in a foreign country challenges them in unique ways, fostering independence, adaptability, and resilience—qualities essential for personal and professional success.

Community& Connection for
Happy people

For us building a supportive and engaging community is at the heart of what we do. We always try do all our best! Our programs are designed to connect students with like-minded peers, creating networks that last a lifetime and span the globe.