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Internship experience in Milan: Steve’s interview

Internship experience in Milan: Steve’s interview

Here you are our interview with Steve, of Two months ago, before coming back home. Steve is one of our former who took part to our Internship programme + italian language in Milan. After her milanese experience, Steve come back to Canada.

Steve, what are you doing now in Canada?

I’m currently studying for a Master in Communication and Digital Marketing. When I was in Milan and I joined your Internship Programme I worked on many different projects including one where my university is partnering with one of the most important digital marketing company in Milan. It was a great experience! Furthermore I go on with my italian lessons on Skype.

What about your Italian course? What could you say about our school?

I attended for several months your courses in Milan. Giusi, Giovanna and Roberto are the best teachers ever for me! And now with my online lessons with Il Centro, I can say that both face-to-face and online classes are excellent!

What about lodging? Where did you live while in Milan?

The school found a lodging for me not so far both from Porta Ticinese, where I did my internship experience and from Il Centro in Brera.