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Internship experience in Milan: Steve’s interview

Internship experience in Milan: Steve’s interview

Here you are our interview with Steve, of Two months ago, before coming back home. Steve is one of our former who took part to our Internship programme + italian language in Milan. After her milanese experience, Steve come back to Canada.

Steve, what are you doing now in Canada?

I’m currently studying for a Master in Communication and Digital Marketing. When I was in Milan and I joined your Internship Programme I worked on many different projects including one where my university is partnering with one of the most important digital marketing company in Milan. It was a great experience! Furthermore I go on with my italian lessons on Skype.

What about your Italian course? What could you say about our school?

I attended for several months your courses in Milan. Giusi, Giovanna and Roberto are the best teachers ever for me! And now with my online lessons with Il Centro, I can say that both face-to-face and online classes are excellent!

What about lodging? Where did you live while in Milan?

The school found a lodging for me not so far both from Porta Ticinese, where I did my internship experience and from Il Centro in Brera.

Would you recommend your experience?

Definitely. I had the big opportunity to check if the digital marketing world could be a good job option for my future here in Canada! Now I can say that I really find the job of my life and first of all I improved my skills ability required in my job. I met very nice people among teachers, schoolmates of my Italian course and also among my colleagues. And with Marco I discovered Milano at all: some places in the city are beautiful but unknown for me! Every corner in Milan is magic in my opinion!

What about the skills you learned or improved during your Internship?

I learned new skills and improved my existing ones. This experience in Milan gave me the opportunity to combine professional activity with the chance of being involved into the real milanese life.

Your advice to whom is considering to join our Internship programme?

You definetively start with a solid and innovative italian course with Il Centro which combined with your internship path, you will do an upgrade on your existing workflow! That’s for sure!