Learn Italian Language in Milan!

Learn Italian Language in Milan

Italian courses for Foreigners in Milan amidst Art, Fashion and Culture!


Milan, Italy's most international city, is a metropolis steeped in history and Italian culture, famous for the Duomo Cathedral, Da Vinci's splendid "The Last Supper", the evocative Sforzesco Castle and La Scala, world-renowned temple to the bel canto. Milan also boasts a buzzing night-life, with its many bars, restaurants, nightclubs and venues.

At the same time, Milan is a city full of secret histories: unlike some of Italy's other tourist hotspots, it keeps its' hidden treasures firmly under wraps - ready to captivate whoever discovers them.

In the streets and courtyards just around the corner from the more it's famous attractions, an alternative Milan waits to be discovered. Let's have a real Milanese experience learning Italian quickly and easily fast and easy  in the Milan’s most enchanting district: Brera!


Learn Italian Language in Milan

Linda Tol,  the famous Dutch fashion blogger and stylistmoved to Milan around this time last year. She loves the food, the Italian lifestyle, Italian language and the people!

Regarding speaking Italian, she went to school last November and decided with her boyfriend to attend an Intensive Italian Group Course to rapidly improve her Italian!

She was very motivated and wished to learn Italian in Milan in order to speak more fluently with Italian people around the city. She attended an Intensive Italian Class and then a series of Individual Italian lessons: in very short time Linda started speaking in Italian better and better and now she understands 80%. Her Italian teachers were very proud of her!


She considers our school for foreigners in Milan the sure track to Italian learning success!






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