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A Lodging service is offered by Il Centro_Italian School for Foreigners in Milan. We provide accommodations chosen from a selection of apartments in Milan, that are all well connected to the metro and the other modes of public transports and all at a  maximum of 30 minutes travel time from the school:

  • Single room with use of bath and kitchen from 550,00 euros per month;
  • Double room from 350,00 euros (per person);
  • Studio apartment from 700,00 euros.

The fee is to be paid directly to the owner within 3 days of arriving in Milan.

Upon request of the student Il Centro-Italian Language School provides also a list of:

  • Rooms in B&B euro per month;
  • Pensions;
  • Hotels;
  • Residences.


  • Finding an accommodation has a cost of 100 euros to be paid at the time of registration together with the price of your course.
  • Lodging service is only available for officially enrolled students. The reserved lodging price must be paid within 3 days of the arrival.
  • We recommend to book the accommodations in advance.
  • If the student decides to move to a different lodging, he/she must inform the landlord at least 2 weeks in advance and must pay anyway.
  • In case of damages done to the lodgings, the landlord is entitled to direct indemnification by the student
  • Students must behave so that no disturbance is caused to neighbours and flat/roommates, in all the lodgings reserved by our school
  • The reservation of the lodging is strictly personal and the presence of any guest must be agreed directly with the landlord.



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