Weekend Intensive Italian Language Courses

Our Weekend Intensive Italian Language Courses in Milan are designed for foreign people who cannot attend an Italian language course during the week due to work commitments. If you live in Milan and need to improve your Italian language but you cannot during the week, this is the course you fit!

Here are some examples of the Italian weekend courses that we can organise in Milan.


Option 1

 Friday afternoon: 4 hours tuition
 Saturday: 9 hours tuition
 Break for conversation over lunch
Sunday morning: 4 hours tuition

Total price: 840 euros

(package of 17 hours tuition + lunch)








 Option 2

 Saturday: 9 hours of tuition (break for conversation over lunch)
 Sunday: 9 hours of tuition (break for conversation over lunch)

 Total price: 970 euros 

(package of 18 hours tuition + 2 lunches)


Option 3

Friday afternoon: 4 hours tuition
Saturday: 8 hours tuition
Sunday morning: 4 hours tuition

Total price: 700 euros

(package of 16 hours tuition - lunches excluded)



We are at your disposalif you have any questions, special requirements or suggestions regarding our weekend courses and we will be happy to work out a solution for you!


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