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Business Administration & Start Up

Business Administration & Start Up internship in Milan + italian language

An internship in Fashion Marketing and Fashion Business Administration is one of the most popular choices, thanks to the presence of so many prominent fashion houses here in Milan. Placements can take place in fashion showrooms, in PR agencies or alongside influencers. Participants will gain practical experience in activities such as social media marketing, content creation (copy, posts, graphics, photos) or assisting fashion buyers in purchasing activities. The type of organisation can range from small/medium, to freelancers (such as influencers), to medium/large showrooms attached to important brands.

Business Manager, Business Administration Manager, Project Management, Accountant, Business Development, Data Analyst, Supply Chain Management, Business Counselor, Operations Management

Minimum 18 years, Maximum 30 years

1 year of university-level education in communciations, marketing or business studies.

Programmes commence on Mondays.
The start date and duration will be determined based on the type and length of language course and internship programme chosen.
The working hours of the internship generally take place between Monday-Friday; particular campaigns/events/fashion shows may necessitate out-of–hours presence. All year except July, August and September.

* Applications must be made at least 2 months prior to the proposed start date.
* Participants should have a B1-level command of the Italian language.
* For non-beginners, a test to assess your level of Italian must be arranged (in-person or online) by writing to or calling us at +39 02 86.90.554.
* After enrolment, a CV should be sent at to us specifying your field of interest for the internship.
* The Italian language course must consist of 4 lessons per day, 5 days per week. No visa is required for non-EU students attending programmes lasting 3 months or less.

The host companies consist of organisations with 2-20+ employee which operate in Italy and internationally offering a diverse range of goods and services. Some internships can be arranged within multiservice start-ups and hubs. No banking or insurance firms are involved in the programme.

The responsibilities of the intern may include:

  • Drafting of emails to clients
  • Lead generation
  • Research on customs regulations for international exports


Our Italian Courses General Info

Enrolment for our Italian language courses is confirmed upon payment of 50% of the fee (students who apply for a student visa must pay the entire fee when enrolling). Those applying for a student visa must send us the completed and signed enrolment form and must pay the entire fee for the selected courses.

How to pay:

1) Directly at our office (cash or major credit cards)

2) By Paypal

3) By International money order

Our Bank details

Name: Centro di lingua e cultura italiana per stranieri
Bank: Credito Emiliano – Sede di Milano
Address: Via Andegari, 14 – 20121 Milan
IBAN: IT41U0303201600010000058258

Fees are always charged to the student


  • Enrolment for our Italian language courses is only confirmed upon receipt of the completed and signed enrolment form (in which the student declares to have read and accepted the general conditions) and an advanced deposit of 50% of the course fee.
  • Those applying for a student visa must send us the completed and signed enrolment form and must pay the entire fee for the selected courses.
  • The balance of the course fee must be paid before the course begins (by cash, credit card or bank transfer).
  • All banking fees are at the expense of the student.
  • Stamp € 2 to be added to the total price of the course for electronic invoice.
  • Bookings are non-transferable, i.e. they are specific to dates, courses and student. Students forfeit tuition if they are late, absent or leave early.


  • No cancellations for our Italian language courses will be accepted unless made in writing.
  • The deposit will be refunded for cancellations made at least 10 days before the start of the course.
  • The deposit will not be refunded for cancellations made less than 10 days before the start of a course.
  • No refunds will be given for courses or parts of courses not taken by students due to illness, early departure, delays in arrival etc.
  • Once a student visa has been issued, there can be no refunds/course date changes.
  • If a student visa application has been refused, the school will issue a refund of the sum paid less € 250 upon receipt of the original visa refusal letter issued by the Italian embassy/consulate.
  • Documents sent to students for visa or immigration purposes must be returned to the school upon cancellation.
  • Each group course is activated with a minimum of 5 students enrolled. If the minimum number of students is not reached, the school reserves the right to re-proportion the course based on the number of actual participants.


  • Individual lessons must be paid in advance.
  • Private lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance to the scheduled lesson by telephone, otherwise the lesson will be forfeited. Monday classes must be cancelled by telephone by 12 am of the previous Friday. In all other cases the lesson will be regarded as a turning point. We do not accept cancellations by email.
  • Any private lessons purchased have a validity of 1 year from the date of the first lesson taken.

During our Italian language courses, from time to time the school takes photos and videos of its students in order to promote the school through websites, brochures, display boards, photo albums and any other publicity media. You must inform the school in writing before your course starts if you do not allow use of such images.


Students are insured only within the school’s premises.

You are very strongly advised to take out insurance to cover all your expenses in the event of cancellation. Your insurance should also cover medical expenses and all other risks associated with travelling and staying abroad.

No lessons will take place on public holidays.

The school will be closed on the following public holidays:


April 1, 25, 26 – May 1 – August 15, 16

November 1.

Lessons in these days are forfeited.

In order to pass to the next level, 40 lessons of group lessons are required ( Common European Framework CEF). Generally each student “settles” into the language in a purely individual time frame. Click here to check your level of knowledge of Italian language.

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