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Business Administration & Start Up

Business Administration & Start Up internship in Milan + italian language

An internship in Fashion Marketing and Fashion Business is one of the most popular choices, thanks to the presence of so many prominent fashion houses here in Milan. Placements can take place in fashion showrooms, in PR agencies or alongside influencers. Participants will gain practical experience in activities such as social media marketing, content creation (copy, posts, graphics, photos) or assisting fashion buyers in purchasing activities. The type of organisation can range from small/medium, to freelancers (such as influencers), to medium/large showrooms attached to important brands.

Business Manager, Project Management, Accountant, Business Development, Data Analyst, Supply Chain Management, Business Counselor, Operations Management

Minimum 18 years, Maximum 30 years

1 year of university-level education in communciations, marketing or business studies.

Programmes commence on Mondays.
The start date and duration will be determined based on the type and length of language course and internship programme chosen.
The working hours of the internship generally take place between Monday-Friday; particular campaigns/events/fashion shows may necessitate out-of–hours presence. All year except July, August and September.

* Applications must be made at least 2 months prior to the proposed start date.
* Participants should have a B1-level command of the Italian language.
* For non-beginners, a test to assess your level of Italian must be arranged (in-person or online) by writing to or calling us at +39 02 86.90.554.
* After enrolment, a CV should be sent at to us specifying your field of interest for the internship.
* The Italian language course must consist of 4 lessons per day, 5 days per week. No visa is required for non-EU students attending programmes lasting 3 months or less.

The host companies consist of organisations with 2-20+ employee which operate in Italy and internationally offering a diverse range of goods and services. Some internships can be arranged within multiservice start-ups and hubs. No banking or insurance firms are involved in the programme.

The responsibilities of the intern may include:

  • Drafting of emails to clients
  • Lead generation
  • Research on customs regulations for international exports


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