Our Italian Staff

Our Italian Staff

Our Italian School for Foreigners' co-directors

Lidia Pala, Patrizia Rubini, Dora Karvaly ed Enrica Cavo


Italian teaching staff - All the school's Italian teachers have been collaborating with Il Centro-Italian Language School for Foreigners in Milan for many years and fully understand our methods.

Their combined experience of language pedagogy / language teaching with understanding the cultural differences between various countries give them the skills to manage classes with students from different backgrounds.

Their work with the didactic director helps continously update and expand the Italian Language school’s original teaching materials.




Via Ponte Vetero 21

e-mail: ilcentro@ilcentro.net

Tel.: +39 02 86.90.554

Fax: +39 02 86.90.754

P.IVA 08478280152



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